About Gen X-Files

Gen X-Files.com keeps it real, brings you back to basics and helps make sense of today’s convoluted world while reflecting on the pre-internet days when free time was spent playing Frogger on the ATARI 2600 and recording songs off the radio onto cassette tapes. 

Generation X:

Generation X, Baby Busters, and the MTV Generation are all terms used to describe the generation in the United States born between the approximate years of 1965 to 1981.

“They were supposed to be slackers, cynics, drifters. But don’t be fooled by their famous pose of repose. Lately, more and more of them are prowling tirelessly for the better deal, hunting down opportunities that will free them from the career imprisonment that confined their parents. They are flocking to technology start-ups, founding small businesses and even taking up causes–all in their own way. They are making waves on the Web, making movies in and out of Hollywood, making money, spending money. Slapped with the label Generation X, they’ve turned the tag into a badge of honor. They are X-citing, X-igent, X-pansive. They’re the next big thing. Boomers, beware! It’s payback time.”Time Life Magazine


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